There can be only one King


There can be only one King


We all know this struggle when we have to choose new headset. Should I pick corded headset or wireless one? Do I need microphone? How much money do I want to spend on it? A list of questions like these goes on and on. Let’s try to answer on some of that questions and make some things clear. Of course sellers in every shop have a big knowledge and can help you to pick the best one for you, but if you want to buy a headset online, they cannot help you.

Wired or wireless headphones?


The first question that you should ask is how much money do you want to spend on your new headset. It’s very important, because price range changes everything. If you don’t have a lot of money you have to pick cheaper models, so wireless headphones or products of well-known companies are out of your range. Of course not all of them, but still.

Wireless headphones are much more expensive, but very comfortable too. You can do almost everything when you’re using them. Corded headset has better sound quality and is much cheaper. You have to pick by yourself what is better for you.

Is microphone important?


It really depends on your needs. If you talk a lot with your friends and family via Skype or something like that, then you need it. Headsets for gamers have pretty good microphones and sound quality is good aswell, so it’s interesting option. Other option is call center corded headset. These headsets are made for people who work long hours talking with other people, so quality there is very important. It’s good choice when you don’t carry your headphones everywhere you go. Otherwise, it is very uncomfortable.

What about sound quality?


Everyone wants to listen to favorite music in best possible quality and that’s why this is so important. Wireless headphones always have a little bit worse sound quality than corded headset. All due to a wire, but do not lose your hope. Expensive models of wireless headphones are well made and sound quality there is as good as in wired models. That’s right, expensive models (1000$ and more). If you don’t have that amount of money to spend, choose wired ones.

So, who is The King?


Of course it is corded headset. Cheaper models will give you better sound quality than a wireless ones. Of course if you care about prestige and comfort you can choose wireless headphones which are pretty expensive, but it’s your choice. Wired headphones are not so comfortable, but they are doing their job and that’s the most important thing. In addition microphones in wired ones are much better done.


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